Transition and Arts at the Glendon Gallery – Transitions in progress


Translation and the Arts presents a six-day exhibition at the Glendon Gallery exploring how translational and transcultural themes are manifested in works of art.

March 5, open from 9:00am to 6:00pm + artist talks at 12:45pm. 15$ before March 1. 20$ Regular. March 6-10, open from 10am-3pm. Free.

Transitions in progress

Elena Basile, Roberta Buiani

Transitions in Progress is a bike-powered mobile lab, the TiP lab, an online archive, and an exhibition, engaging with the city’s socio-historical, natural and urban transformations, through an in vivo, bottom-up approach. Through interpreting the city as a dynamic ecosystem, Transitions in Progress aims to evoke the affective geographies that permeate the city, the flows of settlement and displacement that have invisibly accumulated in it over time, and to unveil its ecological and naturecultur(al) complexity.

The exhibition at the Glendon Gallery will be accompanied by a brief intervention aimed at exploring how translation and place interact within the increasingly trans-national and multilingual experience of life and work on campus. Specifically, we will look at how the campus functions as a contact zone with its own particular ecological complexities. Participants are invited to contribute small objects, words, sounds, images, drawings and/or crafts of their own making, which convey the way they negotiate their identities and cultural positions on campus, as well as their relation with its urban surroundings. Collected items will become part of the exhibit’s mobile lab and interactive map.