The 9th European Academy of Design Conference

The European Academy of Design, the University of Porto and ID+, Institute for Research in Design, Media and Culture, invite you to the 9th EAD International Design Conference: The Endless End.

The conference offers a forum for design academics, researchers, practitioners, thinkers and industry representatives to meet, exchange ideas and share new knowledge and insights across the fields of design. The conference includes keynote lectures, papers, posters and an exhibition of practice-based design research. The language of the conference is English. All documentation and related media will be in English.

There is a sense of vertigo permeating contemporary culture as a whole, and design in particular. So much so, that we often find ourselves wondering if design as we have known it still matters.  Design seems to have lost its universe of focus, branching exponentially into a multitude of concerns and activities formerly situated well beyond its scope. Likewise, design seems to be the new interest of so many professionals situated outside its area of expertise; not long ago it seemed like design was being courted, and maybe even actively cultivating, a territorial ambiguity that has kept its professionals worried, to say the least. Design now speaks of street culture and cutting-edge technology, museums and iPhone apps, just as it has spoken of campaign posters, haute couture, heavy industries, exercises in kitsch and typography.

This dissipation of a discernible territory of practice could seem like a loss at first, until we gradually came to understand that Design is, after all and despite the contextual noise, a deeply human activity, and, as such, any circumscription of its potential would, in itself, be an artifice, an operational and transitory device; and that, rather than being devalued by this apparent dilution of its area of expert operation, Design suddenly has the opportunity to expand and mature as far as its context, content and purpose are concerned.


1 – locality: the role of design in specific social and cultural environments (case studies), localisation of design and production
2 – liquidity: design´s redefined and expanding territories
3 – nomadism: design actively searching for new areas and tools of expertise
4 – involvement: design as a catalyst for change and progress
5 – vertigo: envisioning what´s ahead, calibrating past inheritances
6 – education: how can design be taught in an era of multiplicity, prosumers and open creativity?

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